Friday, June 11, 2010

Mexican Waves V/s Vuvusela Sound

The FIFA World Cup 2010 started in Soccer City of Johannesburg , the capital town of South Africa. In the inaugural match the host  South Africa had to face Mexico. It seemed the Mexican waves will be drowned in Vuvusela’s sound. But the equalizer by Raphael Marques at 78th minute  of the play helped Mexico to share the points of inaugural match.
In the whole play Mexico possessed the ball more time. As a result the host has to make unlawful methods to defend the guest players. Hence within a short life of the play itself referee has to take the first yellow card. It was Kagiso who marked first.
The attack of Mexican waves to South African goal post was severe in first half of the play. In 23rd minute of play South Africa escaped narrowly from a goal as the Mexican Striker did it well , but the hands of goalkeeper was there. Again in 37th minute of the play the South African net trembled. But the goal didn’t allowed. It was an offside. But there was a South African player in the post at the time. The first half ended without any further developments.
The second half started with the advance of South Africa, It seemed the Brazilian coach Carlos Alberto Pereira had given some quick tricks to the ears of the squad. It  was fruitful also. When the second half was at about 10 minutes the South African  striker Tshebalala scored the first goal of the first World Cup in the Dark Continent. Whole the stadium broke up and the sound of Vuvusela was in its high pitch.
The goal made Mexico to strengthen their attack. For this in 68th minute of game they made first substitution. Carlos Vela was substituted by the veteran star Cothmot Blanco. To sharpen the attacks further Mexico made second substitution also at 72nd minute of the game. Now G.Franco was substituted by Yavier Hernandez. This substitution proved the value when Raphael Marques scored the first goal of his team at 78th minute of the game.
The equalizing goal created irritation in the minds of South Africans. As per history of world cups the host were the winners of inaugural match and to keep the history South Africa has to take lead. So they also made a substitution at 83rd minute. Steven Peinar was  replaced by Bernard Parker. At the same minute Yavier Hernandez lost a golden opportunity to score.
Both the teams played for a win in this match and hence the last minutes of the game was anxious. The ball rolled all over the ground covering both sides. At 88th minute Blanco’s header lost aim narrowly. In very next minute M.Pehela of South Africa seemed to score a goal. But the ball hit on the post and went out. At injury time also both the teams tried their best for a goal. But it was the faith to be a draw. Thus the inaugural match ended in a draw (1-1)

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